We are happy to welcome you to place your event at Avaldsnes, full of cultural history and scenic surroundings!

We conduct small and large arrangements for companies, associations and private persons.

Below you will find suggestions of the various events we can offer.

Viking farm

Team building with a Viking profile; activities related to Viking training for the battlefield.

At the Viking Farm you can attend a Viking feast. Being served is ”the kings meal” and ”Augvald’s Miklablot”.

In the ”Longhouse” and the ”Viking boat house”, the atmosphere allows you to travel in time.

We set the table with tasteful dishes inspired by the Vikings’ ”slow cooking” and basic ingredients.

The food are delivered from ”Lothes mat og vinhus” that prepares food from local meat- and vegetables producers.

We also arrange tours to the Viking farm with for example the tale about mead and a taste of this sweet drink.

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Nordvegen History Centre

The facilities at Nordvegen History Center is well suited for weddings and various celebrations.

The view to the Karmsund strait is the context around the feast set table. We can also arrange day meetings, lunches, receptions, Christmas parties and other events of different sizes.

It is possible to create an event with the ”Viking theme ” at Nordvegen History Center as well as at the Viking Farm, in terms of both activities and food.

The exhibition in Nordvegen History Centre and storytelling from one of our guides are available for all events.

St Olav’s Church

We arrange guided tours in the church. Concerts of different kinds can be arranged as part of a bigger event.

Read more about St Olav’s church.

Contact us and together we can make an event that suits you and your guests!