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Avaldsnes Leikvoll – a Viking inspired playground
Just off the Nordvegen History Centre you will find Avaldsnes Leikvoll which is now open to families with children, kindergartens and school classes. Just remember to follow the distance rules recommended by the Directorate of Health.

Ridetur på Odins hest Sleipner. Foto Marit S. Vea

Horseback riding on Odin’s horse Sleipner. Photo Marit S. Vea

Avaldsnes Leikvoll for imagination, playing and learning
Avaldsnes Leikvoll is a special park that has both artistic qualities and invites children to play and learn. In the Old Norse language, “play” included both playing, sports and artistic activities
The park has a total of 10 installations. All installations are made of natural materials and have an abstract design.

Each installation tells a story that can be linked to Avaldsnes or Norse culture. If you want, you can also get tasks that need to be solved in connection with the installations.

Nature is an important element of the park. Therefore, flowers and raspberry scrub are allowed to grow freely in parts of the area. There are also some old roots and tree stumps that are the home of many exciting insects.

At Avaldsnes you can be “Viking for a day” or “Archaeologist for a day.”
The activities take place: In Nordvegen History Centre, at the Viking Farm and in the historic landscape.


Playing “hide and seek” with the hens. (Photo Ørjan Iversen)

You can borrow outfit and the desired booklet in Nordvegen History Centre: Price NOK 50, –

Viking for a day
Old written sources tell that Harald Fairhair and other Viking kings had their seats here at Avaldnses.
In the activity program “Viking for a day” you can dress up as a Viking and experience what life was like the Viking age.

What did the Vikings eat and how did they live? How was it to be a child in the Viking Age; what did they play with, and how did they become strong enough to carry swords and heavy shields? And why did the Viking kings choose to live exactly here at Avaldsnes?

Archaeologist for a day
Burial mounds, standing stones and the medieval church are visible signs of kings and chieftains that lived here at Avaldsnes. Archeology and research can tell us more about these rulers that lived here in times gone by.

Leirskolebarna gjer nytte for seg.  Dei har henta grus til stiane. (Foto Cathrine Glette)

Avaldsnes Historic school camp offers both four-day camps and one-day events to school children. Through role playing and practical work, pupils experience the daily life on a Viking Farm. (Photo Cathrine Glette

In the activity program “Archaeologist for a day” you can dress up as an archaeologist and participate in activities that can tell you how the archaeologists work.

Is it true that archaeologists only use brushes and teaspoons when they dig into the soil to find old things? And what is it that they discover? How do archaeologists know the age of different objects, and what can we learn about ancient people by studying the objects that the archaeologists dig up the soil?

Activities at the Viking Farm
During the Viking Festival, there are many activities for adults and children at the Viking Farm. But also through the rest of the summer season there are a lot of fun things to do if you are a child.

When you have talked with the Vikings and visited their houses, you can play with toys and learn the games that Viking children used to spend time on. You can look for the hens, catch crabs or just wade in the water down by the Viking boathouse.

Maktspillet er et interaktivt rollespill der du er en del av Tinget i vikingtiden og må dømme i vanskelige saker… (Foto Siv Haugvaldstad)

The School Program at Nordvegen History Centre can offer exiting education and entertainment to kindergartens as well as to primary and secondary schools. (Photo Siv Haugvaldstad)