Viking Festival


(Foto Ø.Iversen)

Photo Ørjan Iversen

Every year, around the second weekend in June, there is a four-day Viking Festival at the Viking Farm Avaldsnes. Then Vikings from many countries come and set up their tents between the reconstructed buildings.

In this way, we want to continue the traditions from the time of the Norse Sagas, when the royal estate at Avaldsnes was a meeting place for people from many countries, and where our own traditions met cultural impulses from abroad.

You will meet craftsmen, traders and sailors, people who demonstrate weapons, storytellers, jugglers, musicians – and new friends.

The purpose of the event is to make the history of the Viking Age come alive in a child-and family-friendly manner.

The Viking Festival for 2021 has been cancelled due to coronary restrictions

Foto Aud Irene Jacobsen

Photo Aud Irene Jacobsen

Opening hours for the festival:
Friday 11th of June : 09.00 – 19.00
Saturday 12th of June : 11.00 – 19.00
Sunday 13th of June : 12.00- 17.00

In 2022 the Viking Festival Avaldsnes will take place 9th -12th of June.

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